Shyamashree Multispeciality Hospital

Skin & VD

The Dermatology Department at Shyamashree Hospital, located in Puri, provides comprehensive care for skin, hair, nails, and related conditions. Our services encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from surgical and cosmetic procedures to pediatric dermatology. Our highly skilled team is well-equipped to address both standard and complex dermatological issues, including acne, eczema, hair loss, psoriasis, sexually transmitted diseases, and various other skin ailments. Shyamashree Hospital ranks among the top dermatology hospitals in Puri.
Our dermatologists are expertly trained to manage common skin problems and associated complications, delivering holistic solutions for optimal skin health. We offer consultations and services in general dermatology and surgery, with personalized skincare regimens tailored to individual skin types, whether it be oily or prone to acne. Your skin’s well-being is our priority at Shyamashree Hospital.

What are Skin and Venereal Diseases?